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  • Lindsey Goff

    Lindsey Goff


    Formerly immunologist for Cancer Research UK, Lindsey has since moved into the field of scientific publishing. She looks after all BPoD editorial matters.

  • Emma Bornebroek

    Emma Bornebroek

    Writer/BPoD Digital Media Intern

    With a Masters in Science Communication under her belt, Emma is helping to keep the BPoD ship afloat. She also holds a Cambridge degree in Natural Sciences. Find her on Twitter @BPoD_mrc

  • Nick Kennedy

    Nick Kennedy

    Writer/BPoD Digital Media Intern

    A Biology and Science Communication graduate, Nick is now working behind the scenes on the BPoD project. He also works as a freelance science journalist.

  • Brona McVittie

    Brona McVittie


    As Head of Public Engagement, Media & Grants at the MRC Clinical Sciences Centre, Brona develops communications initiatives to engage a broad audience in biomedical research. In her spare time she makes music and corkbots.


  • Daniel Cossins

    Daniel Cossins


    As a freelance science writer, Dan's work has been published in award-winning magazines including BBC Focus, Wired UK, Cosmos, BBC Knowledge, BBC History and Men's Health.


  • Kat Arney

    Kat Arney


    As a science communicator for Cancer Research UK (CRUK), Kat regularly comments in the media on the latest discoveries. She also produces the CRUK podcast and co-presents the Naked Scientists radio show.


  • Julie Webb

    Julie Webb


    Julie began her career as a researcher in genetics. In 2000 she won a Wellcome Trust award for her work on a collaborative science drama, staged at the Edinburgh Festival. She now works as a freelance science writer and communicator.

  • Jan Piotrowski

    Jan Piotrowski


    A recent Imperial College graduate with a Masters in Science Communication, Jan now works as a freelance science communicator. His interests focus on neuroscience, psychology and the environment.


  • Mick Warwicker

    Mick Warwicker


    A freelance communications consultant and writer, Mick specialises in science and education. A science graduate and award-winning print and broadcast journalist, he was Head of Communications at Newcastle University from 2000–2011.